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about diamond & dragonflies

Almarie van der Merwe is the enthusiast and founder behind the South African born company, Diamond and Dragonflies. Her passion for the jewellery industry, especially diamonds, stems from her du Plessis family history in the diamond industry. She grew up in Kimberley, Northern Cape. 

Diamond and Dragonflies is still a toddler and a mere 2 years of age. Almarie’s vision is to build an inspirational strong brand which educates people about the uniqueness that Mother Nature has to offer, specifically diamonds and gem stones.

Every single stone has its own unique characteristics, much like the human race… no two are identical! 

The slogan depicts her design which is “Beauty in Simplicity”.  The brand epitomises style and exclusivity for all ages.

“For me, the Diamond and Dragonflies customer appreciates a unique sense of style in simplicity, which is not constrained by trends and tastes other than her own”

says Almarié

All over the world, the dragonfly is seen as symbolic of change, self-awareness and the power that comes from within. Paired with the strength and brilliance of a diamond, we believe we have created a jewelled force to be reckoned with.

Each piece is carefully crafted in South Africa using only 9- or 18-carat white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, diamonds, emeralds or sapphires.

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