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frequently asked questions 

Payment Methods

There will be no international payments yet till further notice.

Determination of jewellery size


We offer these standard sizes for our 9K and 18K white gold, yellow gold and rose gold chains:

  • 45 cm
  • 50 cm

If you would like the chain to be slightly smaller or bigger, please let us know under ‘Order Notes’ when you checkout.


To measure your ring size, use a piece of string to measure your chosen finger’s circumference and then refer to the conversion table below. If you are uncertain of your ring size, you can get it measured at any jewellery store.

Please note: We cannot be held responsible if the size you order does not fit you.



12 37.8 A
12.2 38.4 A 1/2
12.4 39.1 B
12.6 39.7 B 1/2
12.8 40.01 C
13.1 41 C 1/2
13.3 41.6 D
13.5 42.3 D 1/2
13.7 42.9 E
13.9 43.5 E 1/2
14.1 44.2 F
14.3 44.8 F 1/2
14.5 45.5 G
14.7 46.1 G 1/2
14.9 46.7 H
15.1 47.4 H 1/2
15.3 48 I
15.5 48.7 J
15.7 49.3 J 1/2
15.9 49.9 K
16.1 50.6 K 1/2
16.3 51.2 L
16.5 52.8 L 1/2
16.7 52.5 M
16.9 53.1 M 1/2
17.1 53.8 N
17.3 54.4 N 1/2
17.5 55 O
17.7 55.7 O 1/2
17.9 56.3 P
18.1 56.9 P 1/2
18.3 57.6 Q
18.5 58.2 Q 1/2
18.7 58.9 R
18.9 59.5 R 1/2
19.2 60.1 S
19.4 60.8 S 1/2
19.6 61.4 T
19.8 62.1 T 1/2
20 62.7 U
20.2 63.3 U 1/2
20.4 64.0 V
20.6 64.6 V 1/2
20.8 65.2 W
21 65.9 W 1/2
21.2 66.5 X
21.4 67.2 X 1/2
21.6 67.8 Y
21.8 68.4 Z
Delivery of your jewellery

As soon as we receive confirmation of your payment, we will begin processing your order. We strive to deliver your order door-to-door via Worldnet Express couriers. Please allow for an extra day for regional areas.

Delivery costs will depend on your location.

  • SA major cities overnight are R100
  • SA regional areas 2 days are R150
  • Extreme outlying areas will only be serviced on certain days

It is our responsibility to ensure safe delivery for your purchase door-to-door.

Deliveries outside of South Africa

For the moment no deliveries will be made out of SA. Till further notice.

Customised piece of jewellery

We would be thrilled to make a customised jewellery piece just for you. Please send us an email with all the necessary details and we will take it from there.

Jewellery care

Maintain the beauty of your treasured Diamond and Dragonflies jewellery by following these practical tips:

  • We include a jewellery cloth with your purchase.
  • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals and apply your hand cream careful. Jewellery do not like cream.
  • Store your jewellery away from direct sunlight, moisture, extreme heat, cold or dust.
  • Store your jewellery separately, to avoid scratches and tangles- we recommend keeping each beautiful piece in your Diamond and Dragonflies pouch.
  • Take your jewellery off at bedtime.
  • Clean your jewellery gently with warm water, using a soft toothbrush and sunlight liquid.
  • Always be careful when cleaning not to loose a piece down the drain! It happens.
  • Although the rings are delicate, but still strong, it is best to wear it on your non-dominant hand. We tend to be more careful with this hand.
  • When in doubt abut how to look after your jewellery, seek a professional’s help.
Repair of jewellery

We would love to help you repair your Diamond and Dragonflies jewellery to its original state of perfection. Please send us an email with help needed and we will get back to you about costs and timing.

Return of an item

If you are not satisfied with the jewellery you bought, please contact us within a 7 day period to arrange the return. We will only accept jewellery if it is unworn and undamaged. You will be responsible for the return delivery cost. Once we evaluated the item, we will credit your store account.

Exchange of an item

The same applies as with return, but the exchange will be processed as a new order.

A summary of important time lines
  1. Repair of your Diamond and Dragonflies item- 2 weeks
  2. Sizing of a ring- 2 weeks
  3. A custom made jewellery piece- 4 weeks
  4. Quotation- 3 days
  5. A collection item which is sold out- 3 weeks
Materials used for your jewellery piece
  1. 9K, 14K, 18K rose gold, white gold and yellow gold
  2. Diamonds
  3. Saphires
  4. Emeralds
  5. Rubies
Cost for sizing of your ring


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